Peyton Pines HOA Update

Due to Board Members’ moves, resignation and ill health, there had been a hiatus in Board activities. Based on a Board Meeting of Feb 13 2022, we have two new Board Members, Sharon Friedman and Debbie DeBaun. Sharon Friedman was elected President, Kate Buffetti Vice- President and Debbie DeBaun Secretary Treasurer. The website has come back online, many thanks to Becky Milot-Bradford. 

As always, we are looking for more members for the Board. So please consider volunteering. Also we need some members for the Environment Committee. Their responsibility is to review plans for consistency with the covenants. The work is intermittent. Some experience in construction or real estate would be helpful, but not necessary. Again, volunteers greatly appreciated! If you have questions about the responsibilities of either, please contact us.

If Covid conditions don’t change, we plan to have the usual June Membership Meeting in person. At that time, there will be a vote on Board Members.

Due to the issues mentioned above, the notices for paying dues were not sent out last year. The dues year is June to June and the amount is $30 per year.  These dues are voluntary, of course. However, if you did not pay last year (June 2021 to 2022) and would like to combine next year’s (June 2022 to 2023)  you can write one check for both and send it to PPHOA Box 158 Peyton, Colorado 80831.  Otherwise if you want to skip last year, just pay in June for next year.

Meeting minutes for the Board meetings are posted on the website. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at

Jan. 22, 2019 Board Meeting Agenda – Cancelled


January 22, 2019

Peyton Pines Elementary School Cafeteria

6:30 PM

Call meeting to order

– Roll call of Board members

– List of guests (HOA members present)

– Review and acceptance of minutes from last meeting

– Officer reports:

  — President

  — Treasurer

  — Environmental Committee

– Architectural reviews

– Old business

  — Status and progress of bridle easement and bylaws/covenants committees

– New business

  — Working with Jerry Orten regarding at least two properties that are violating the covenants (storage of junk & vehicles on their property)

-Announcement of next meeting date

– Adjournment 

Committees Meeting Scheduled

The committees established to analyze and recommend changes to the bylaws and covenants (including bridle easements) will have their next meeting at 6:30 pm on December 18th at the home of Brooks Myers (17290 Barnwood).  This is not a board meeting.  It is a committee status meeting and an opportunity to review information gathered by the respective committees as well as opportunity to discuss the information and plan for the next steps.  A follow-up report will be posted on the HOA website.

HOA Board Status

To all Peyton Pines HOA members:

Over the last few months we have experienced several changes in our HOA Board membership.  We’ve also stood up committees to look into revising our bylaws and covenants as well as research all the potential options regarding the bridle easements.  To ensure everyone is aware of who is currently serving on your Board and leading the committees, following is a summary of recent events:

  • June 24th:  Samantha Munoz, Sharon Friedman, and Jerry Charles, as the existing Board members, hold the annual membership meeting.  Debbie DeBaun and Brooks Myers are elected to fill the two vacant Board positions.
  • June 29th:  Samantha Munoz, Sharon Friedman, and Jerry Charles resign from the Board
  • September 4th:  Kim Watkins, Wayne Boote,  and Rob Cavanaugh are elected to the Board via a mail-based election
  • September 9th:  Because Wayne Boote never responded to correspondence from the Board and did not attend any membership or Board meetings, Carolyn Payton, who received the next greatest number of votes in the mail-based election, is appointed by the Board to serve on the Board.  However, because Wayne has never formally resigned he remains an official member of the Board.
  • October 25th:  Robert Cavanaugh resigns from the HOA Board
  • October 29th:  Joe Kistle agrees to lead the bridle easement committee
  • November 3rd:  Debbie DeBaun agrees to lead the bylaws/covenant review committee

To summarize, your current Board members are:  Brooks Myers, President; Debbie DeBaun, Treasurer; Kim Watkins, Secretary; Carolyn Payton, Board member; Wayne Boote, Board member.

The Board is currently developing specific operating procedures to ensure everything we do is compliant with all regulations and laws.  Once we have developed those procedures we will determine if we need to elect another member to the Board due to Wayne Boote’s “inactive” status.

Hopefully this clears up any confusion regarding the current make-up of your HOA Board and how the members were selected.  If you have any questions regarding your Board’s membership  please e-mail the Board at

Thank you.

Brooks Myers
President, PPHOA

PPHOA Committee Mtg Summary, 8 Nov 18

Bylaws/Covenants and Bridle Easement Review Committees

To all Peyton Pines HOA members:

On Wednesday, November 7th, nine HOA members got together to discuss the way ahead for the bylaws/covenants and bridle easement review committees.  Those members were: Ryan Bertram, Becky Milot-Bradford, John Parillo, Debbie DeBaun, Jim Payton, Carol Payton, Kim Watkins, and Brooks Myers.

Since the bridle easement question has been the most contentious issue for quite a while we started with that.  The HOA Board members present emphasized to everyone that the Board is a neutral party on this issue; the Board is neither for nor against keeping the bridle easements as they are or doing away with them. Everyone at the meeting agreed that the primary purposes of the committee at this point are to gather information and determine what all the potential options are.  To accomplish this the committee plans to reach out to various sources of information, such as other HOAs that have bridle easements or trails, for advice on how to proceed and to gather data. The committee will seek out answers to questions such as “what does ‘maintain the easements’ really mean?” or “would posting signs that say ‘ride at your own risk’ help lessen the HOA’s and lot owners’ liability?”  The committee will also document what it would actually cost to obtain insurance for the HOA as well as other costs.

The group then discussed several of the issues facing the bylaw/covenants committee.  Everyone agreed that the first priority should be to develop clear, concise procedures regarding how the HOA Board will conduct its business.  This will help ensure that all decisions and actions the Board takes will be fair, transparent, and defensible. Once these procedures are in place the committee will focus on reviewing and recommending revisions to the bylaws to ensure they align well with the HOA’s articles of incorporation and that all terms are clear and well-defined.  Then the committee will work on aligning the bylaws and covenants and recommending revisions to the covenants as required.

Because this was a committee meeting no Board decisions were made.  If you have any questions about the committees or would like to suggest issues you believe one of the committees ought to look into please e-mail the HOA Board at

Thank you.

Brooks Myers
President, PPHOA

PPHOA Call for Volunteers

At the HOA meeting held on October 23rd those present agreed to form Workshops (committees)  to begin reviewing and recommending revisions to the HOA’s bylaws and covenants where needed.

We will begin by focusing on the following efforts:


  • Defining what is required to be a member of the HOA and the obligations and privileges of a member.
  • Uncovering and correcting conflicting definitions and language.
  • Updating the bylaws to allow many processes and procedures to be conducted via the website and e-mail.


  • Clarifying voting processes, procedures and definitions. Updating and correcting conflicting and confusing language.
  • Determining all the issues associated with the bridle paths and developing a plan for researching each issue.  Issues include acquiring cost quotes for insurance; identifying the purpose, use and care of the paths; obligations of lot owners, etc.

We, the Board, are aware of the amount of work there is to be done and the Board: 1) wishes to have as many people as possible help with this effort to reduce the burden on any one individual; and 2) wants this to be a successful and acceptable effort that incorporates input from across the HOA.  Come and take part in the most important action that affects you and your home!

Joe Kistle has agreed to lead the committee looking into bridle path options.  Carolyn Payton will coordinate the work of the committees to ensure all issues are addressed with no duplication of effort.

If you are interested in serving on one of the committees or just attending our next meeting it will be held on November 7th at 6:30pm at Brooks Myers’ home, 17290 Barnwood Drive.  If you have any questions please e-mail the HOA Board at

Oct. 23, 2018 Meeting Minutes


Cowboy Church of Peyton
15504 Bradshaw Road
Peyton, CO 80831

October 23, 2018 7:00 p.m.

President, Brooks Myers
Vice President/Environmental, Robert Cavanaugh
Treasurer, Debbie DeBaun
Secretary, Kim Watkins
Director, Carolyn Payne

Wayne Boote

Johanna and Ryan Bertram
Becky Milot-Bradford
Joe & Kathy Kistle
James and Mavis Quarles
John Parillo


President Brooks Myers called the Informational Meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.


Brooks Myers presented a list of Bylaws that the HOA Board and Volunteer Committees would like to start reviewing and revising.  The goal would be to revise the Bylaws into an understandable language, remove contradiction, and update the verbiage. Debbie DeBaun stated that she would like to change the Bylaws first and then build on the Covenants afterwards.

Bylaws to be reviewed first:

Article II, Section 1, Filings 1, 2, 2A, 2B, 3 and 4:  Change wording for Filing, so it does not appear that we have six filings.
Articles II and III:  Define the difference between the types of meetings i.e. annual, special, membership.
Article II, Section 5: Change the verbiage to next business day.
Article II, Section 7:  Update to allow email notifications
Article II, Section 12:  Implement e-voting and fix typos
Article III, Section 6:  allow email and text notifications


Brooks Myers presented suggestions to updating the Covenants.  He stated that these are only suggestions; they should be considered by a committee and then prepared for a vote.  The committees are responsible for researching and presenting before any topics would be considered for change and then voted on by the members.  Brooks stated that he would like a standardized change across the filings.

Suggested Covenant Changes:

Clarify that dues are voluntary unless you want to vote on HOA issues
Change restriction on businesses to allow those that don’t increase traffic, such as on-line business
Clarify types of fencing
Clarify types of metal buildings
Bridle Easements-delete, modify or keep
Review Landscaping Covenant
Clarify the voting process for covenant changes
Delete reference Trail Bikes and Scooters


Brooks Myers discussed the need for a Bridle Path Committee; this is the most complex issue to deal with. The committee will need to weigh the pros and cons; do we keep them, do we get rid of them, or do we revise them.  Debbie DeBaun stated that if the HOA takes them over, it will come with a high dollar to maintain and insure, not to mention the overall liability. Additional discussion was snow removal, grass mowing, gopher holes, steep easements, and legal issues.


Brooks Myers discussed going electronic to save on mailing expenses.  Becky Milot-Bradford stated that there is a two-step process to sign up on the Peyton Pines Website.  The first allows you to get Website updates only and the second is a member mailing list. Debbie DeBaun feels that the USPS is reliable and is not confident that going electronic is fair to everybody.  She stated that it would be difficult to require everybody to sign up.

Becky suggested an opt in option for electronic ballots/notifications or receive by USPS mail.


Joe Kistle commented on the proper way to make these changes, the legality of it.  He stated that the language is contradicting, i.e. eligible to vote or entitled to vote.  Mr. Kistle checked with a lawyer regarding Bridle Path liability and he was told that there is no way to be waived of liability.

Becky Milot-Bradford questioned the amount of changes and has concerns, she suggested surveying the community and finding out what types of changes are palatable.

Ryan Bertram expressed concern of the variance that passed.  He stated that all property owners should have voted based on Section 10 of the Bylaws and the definition of Membership and Voting.  He questioned the next variance and wanted clarification and assurance that all would be mailed ballots.

Becky Milot-Bradford stated that Wayne Boote will need to submit a written resignation to be removed for the Board.  Otherwise he is still a board member and considered to be absentee.


The meeting was adjourned at 8:05 p.m.  No attendees stayed for the Board of Director meeting that followed.