June 20, 2017 Peyton Pines Homeowners Association Board Meeting Minutes


1. 6/20/2017 Board Meeting called to order at 7:25 PM by Samantha Munoz

2. Location:  Cowboy church of Peyton, CO grounds

3. Roll Call:
Board members present but not yet assigned to positions:
Samantha Munoz
Christina White
Sharon Friedman
Jerry Charles
Maureen Fitzgerald

Guests: Deborah DeBaun (Lot 228), Becky Milot-Bradford (Lot 219), Lynne Liddle (Lot 239), Teri & Robert Herz (Lot 237), Tommy Munoz (Lot 234), Stephen White Jr (Lot 37), Jason Darbyshire (Lot 97), and Rod Skaggs (Lot 185)

4. Review of the Annual Members Meeting notes included the motion to revise minutes that there was a recount of the Entitled and eligible votes from meeting and that confirmation of quorum did occur.  Correction to the lot number for Lynne Liddle to #239. Motion to accept the meeting minutes with corrections was made by Samantha Munoz and seconded by Christina White.

5. Old Business

a. 1st Order of business was to assign positions to the elected board members.

i. Samantha Munoz nominated Christina (Chris) White as Secretary, Jerry Charles **seconded, and nomination was accepted.

ii. Chris White nominated Jerry Charles as Treasurer, Samantha Munoz seconded, and nomination was accepted.

iii. Samantha Munoz nominated Sharon Friedmanas Vice President, Christina White seconded, and nomination was accepted.

iiii. Sharon Friedman nominated Samantha Munoz as President, Christina White seconded, and nomination was accepted.

b. Quorum for last meeting was discussed. After a re-count of attendees, a quorum was present represented by 29 lot owners who had paid their dues for 2017, This is defined as an entitled and eligible homeowner or lease, who have paid their HOA dues for the current year (2017). There were an additional 8 lot owners present who either had not paid or and did not pay at the time of the meeting. Therefore, nominations of board members as well as any other board business, was legal and binding.

6. New Business

a. Mailing of Nomination forms and Ballots. While we have volunteers to assist, none volunteered to be POCs. Therefore, Jerry Charles stepped up to chair the mail-in vote initiative. Samantha Munoz nominated Robert Herz to co-chair which was seconded by Sharon Friedman. They will organize a committee for specific tasks needed for the mailings and ultimately the vote count. There is a specific timeline that needs to be met, so Jerry Charles and Becky Milot-Bradford will get together to discuss due dates of mailings and vote. Jerry and Robert will report back to the board with status and/or ask for assistance if needed. The steps needed need to remain colorant with bylaws and covenants.

b. Maureen Fitzgerald is stepping down effective immediately, leaving a vacancy on the Board. Samantha Munoz nominated Jason Darbyshire to fill the vacancy, seconded by Chris White, Sharon so moved and Jason accepted.

c. Five names of nominees are required to be listed on the mail in ballot notification form.  The board listed names as: Samantha Munoz, Sharon Friedman, Jerry Charles, Jason Darbyshire, and Christina White

7. Meeting adjourned by Samantha Munoz at 9 p.m.