May 18, 2018 Peyton Pines Homeowners Association Information Meeting Minutes

1. 05/18/18 Meeting called to order at 6:14 pm by President Samantha Munoz

2. Location: Cowboy Church of Peyton 15504 Bradshaw Road Peyton, Colorado 80831

3. Present Board Members:

President:  Samantha Munoz (234)

Vice President: Sharon Friedman (185)

Treasurer: Jerry Charles (231)

Secretary: Jason Darbyshire   (97)

Rebecca Hussey (via phone)

Guests: Bauknight (250), Kistle (216), (217), (276), Milot-Bradford (219), White (37), Liddle (239), Herz (237), Meara (32), Quarles (26), Bertram (27), Montez (*), Highfield (*), Sealander (253), J. Peyton (184, 191), J and C Payton (*), Bigger (*) Parillo (161), Giacalone (171), Smoot (85)

*= lot not identified at sign in

4. Introduction of HOA Attorney Steven Lebel at 6:16 pm

Mr. Lebel gave a briefing on current Colorado HOA law which was followed by a question and answer session and general discussion with members who were present. Topics included were:

  • Bridle Paths
  • Dues
  • Covenants
  • Proposed amendments to the current covenants and by-laws

5. Community Committee:

Mrs. Carolyn Payton offered as volunteer to head a possible community committee.

President Munoz then guided that any committee would need to be set up and established through the board and that any ideas on such a committee could be submitted to the board for consideration.

6. Following open discussion and having no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 8:00 pm.

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