November 3, 2017 Peyton Pines Homeowners Association Board Meeting Minutes

  1. 11/03/2017 Board Meeting called to order at 6:03 pm by President Samantha Munoz
  2. Location: Cowboy Church of Peyton 15504 Bradshaw Road Peyton, Colorado 80831
  3. Roll Call of Board Members:
    President:  Samantha Munoz (234)
    Vice President: Sharon Friedman (185)
    Treasurer: Jerry Charles (231)
    Secretary: Jason Darbyshire   (97)
    Guests: Kistle (216), (217), (276), Bradford (219), Lafrenierre (105), White (37), Fitzgerald (68), Liddle (239), Herz (237), Parillo (161)
  4. Review of Minutes from last meeting dated June 20, 2017

    Corrections to previous minutes: Under the heading ‘New Business,’ subsection A is amended to state “Compliant with by-laws and covenants.” (This correction replaces a typographical error that previously stated “colorant with by-laws and covenants”).
    Under the heading ‘Old Business,’ subsection 5b is amended to state ‘were legal.’ (This correction fixes a grammatical error in the previous version). No further corrections were brought forth.President Munoz presented a motion to accept the minutes with the corrections noted above. Secretary Darbyshire seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously with no dissenting votes.
  5. Environmental Committee Report: Vice President Friedman discussed the multiple projects reviewed by the committee. The approval of the following requests:
    2 barns
    1 solar panel
    1 gutter
    1 paint color
    The committee addressed the following issues:1 report of excess trash on property (this complaint was also referred to the County Code Enforcement Office).
  6. Old Business
    President Munoz discussed the 2 year line item financial review which was requested of Jerry Charles at the June 13, 2017 meeting. The review was completed and posted on the PPHOA website in the first week of August, 2017.Jerry Charles and Robert Herz began the steps necessary for a mail-in ballot vote. Becky Milot-Bradford assisted in outlining the guidelines for this process as set forth in the covenants and by-laws.Maureen Fitzgerald stepped down from her position. Jason Darbyshire was nominated for and accepted the vacant board position.The 5 names nominated for mail voting were Samantha Munoz, Sharon Friedman, Jerry Charles, Jason Darbyshire, and Christina White.
  7. New Business
    Christina White stepped down from both her board position and removed her nomination for the mail in voting. This created a vacancy for the current board and on the mail-in ballot.The board was gathering names and bios via the PPHOA website for consideration for the open position vacated by Christina White. As of the cutoff date of October 27, 2017 no applications were received.Secretary Darbyshire briefed on the fiscal burden a mail-in ballot would place on the current HOA funds. Given the strict timeline detailed in the by-laws and covenants pertaining to a mail in ballot, and the lack of applicants to fill the ballot to five nominees, more time is needed prior to proceeding with the ballot process.Treasurer Charles briefed on the HOA taxes for both the previous and current tax years. Incomplete information was provided for the previous 2 tax periods. At issue was a misfiled (by Liberty Tax Co.) $7,000 capital gain which should have been filed as a $9000 loss. Edward Jones will mail a 1099B to Liberty Tax Co. to resolve the issue via an amended return. There is currently a loss of $2,200 in retained earnings. No refund is anticipated and the only expenditure is a $75 filing fee.The HOA retained a new insurance policy with Auto-Owners Insurance Company. This change resulted in a 30 % annual savings over the previous policy through State Farm ($706 savings yearly). Due to penalties and fines imposed on State Farm the HOA received 2 separate refunds:

    $456.85 on August 21, 2017

    $696.40 on August 29, 2017

    These funds were deposited in the HOA account.

    $12,500 was transferred from the HOA checking account to HOA savings. This transfer protects the funds from cyber-attack and allows the money to gain interest. Investment opportunities will be reevaluated at the next annual meeting.

    Following open discussion and having no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 7:25 pm.