2017 Peyton Pines HOA Board Candidates

Meet your Board candidates.

Samantha Munoz

Bio: My background includes over 25 years of my professional career in the financial fields, to include banking and insurance.

During this time, I also served on the board for a church organization for more than a decade and a half.

Message to the Homeowners: This community is one that I truly find an enormous amount of pride in. Peyton Pines is a what I see as a true gem, in El Paso county. Being part of the direction that the committee takes in balancing community interest, to include the efforts to update our covenants and bylaws to more accurately reflect today’s needs, is something I am committed to working towards. If elected to PPHOA Board, I will do my best to be part of what the majority of the community wants and or needs from the PPHOA.

Sharon Friedman

Bio: We moved to Peyton Pines a little over a year ago, after I retired from 32 years with the Forest Service. I worked in many different areas, from litigation and appeals, to environmental reviews of projects, to research administration, and  supervising reforestation crews. I am a forester by education and profession.

Message to the Homeowners: I think it’s important for us neighbors to have an HOA that works and one that works well. I’ve lived in the country and in the suburbs, with and without HOA’s, so I have experience with the pros and cons of HOA’s. My work for the Forest Service often involved lands issues with different neighbors wanting different things and trying to get consensus, so I have some experience with that also. I’ve also worked with lawyers and tried to understand land related legal issues, so that might be helpful to the Board.

Peyton Pines is a great place to live now, and I believe that by working together we can not only keep it up, but also make it better.

Jerry Charles


  • Retired, will have lived in PP 10 years in January.
  • I have a Bachelor of Science degree, concentration  in Finance: Colorado State University.
  • I have 25 years ‘corporate accounting’ experience.
  • I have experienced 7 full audits by a CPA firm.
  • I believe my experience, education, and skills can  help protect the integrity of the HOA’s finances.

Work done since election at HOA’s annual meeting:

  • Have performed a 2 year retro examination of the HOA’s financial transactions as submitted by Sue Clary and confirmed there has been no abuse or mishandling of PPHOA’s monies.
  • Have submitted a 3rd quarter financial report that is posted to the website. Quarter reports will follow.
  • Was instrumental in securing a new Liability Insurance policy and saving the HOA $700 per annum.
  • Am transitioning the record-keeping function into  a computerized accounting system: Intuit Quickbooks.
  • Have re-organized and cleaned up the filing system.
  • Have attended a lawyer-sponsored workshop for HOA’s.

Message to the Homeowners:

  • My wife and I enjoy living in PP.
  • There has been a lot of hard work in past years put in by the Board of Directors. My goal is to continue with those efforts to keep Peyton Pines strong with its covenants, keeping our community beautiful, progressive,  safe and strong.
  • My goal is to listen to the voice of the residents and work  with all to achieve the best living conditions possible.

Jason Darbyshire

Bio: I have lived in Peyton Pines for approximately one year. My family and I love the beauty it affords and I personally want to ensure the community stays as beautiful as is now for years to come. I have an extensive background in dealing with people from all walks of life.

Message to the Homeowners: I believe that it is important to represent the interest of the community as a whole and I take that commitment seriously. I have no agenda to pursue on my own and will always support what the majority of the community approves.