Candidates for August 2018 PPHOA Board Election

Mail in ballots will be mailed 8/6/2018 and must be received no later than 8/31 in order for them to be counted.  Any ballots not received by that date will not be counted.

Robert Cavanaugh

Hello neighbors. Although I have previously served on the Peyton Pines HOA (PPHOA) Board as an environmentalist, I am compelled to request for your approval to rejoin the board in the same capacity. I am an Operation Iraqi Freedom combat veteran who served 10 years in active duty, primarily in aviation MEDEVAC support operations with the Army. I have one child; my daughter is just beginning her 6th grade year at Peyton Elementary School. My wife of 25 years and I first came to the Colorado Springs area when I was stationed here in 1997. I have 11+ years of experience in environmental program management, planning, assessing operations, in addition to managing a Hazardous Waste Storage Facility and managing a pollution prevention program on Fort Carson. Since separating from the Army in 2007, I have worked as a Department of the Army civilian.

The reason for my interest in rejoining the PPHOA Board is to assist and support our community with environmental issues, pollution prevention, stormwater management while providing regulatory guidance in accordance with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE). While providing this service, it is my hope to once again unify the homeowners our community as a cohesive problem solving entity. One of the reasons we have a HOA is to protect us legally with our best interests at heart. Past communications between the community and the board have been strained, taking us away from resolving our shared issues and interests. I would like us to return to an involved, fledged neighborhood once again.

Thank you for your consideration.

Kim Watkins

For the last 13 years I have worked at the Pikes Peak Regional Department.  For seven years, as a Certified Permit Technician, I checked and routed plans and saw them thru permitting.  My customer service is exceptional, even in the most heated situations.

In 2013, I moved into Finance and am currently involved in monthly reconciliation, daily deposit and accounts payable.

I have lived in Peyton Pines for 20 years and served as Treasurer for the Water Board.  I have been an active part of the community thru school, sporting and church service and believe I can add value through service to the board and our community.

Wayne Boote

Hello, my name is Wayne Boote. We moved to Peyton Pines last summer, in search of Country Living but also a superb school system for our two children. For the last year we leased a home here on Black Smith Drive. We were convinced that we found our piece of heaven here, and this was the neighborhood that we could commit our lives too. My wife Dana and I will close on a home this month on Pinion Park Rd. There are many things that I feel I could contribute as a board member with PPHOA. I have a background in leadership which started at a young age. Serving in the United States Marine Corps I was responsible for a Platoon, millions of dollars of arms, and the safety and accountability of lives and materials. Moving on in the civilian world I turned my passion for technology into a career, which later allowed me the means to own my business. My business allowed me the honor of having employees, which for me was the greatest gift. Owning a business opened the door to learning many talents that I feel could be an asset as a board member for Peyton Pines. Budgeting, forecasting, accounting, and learning to think outside the box for answers are just a few of the necessities to stay on top. My focus for Peyton Pines, and its residents will always be to help better our neighborhood, whether I am appointed or not. If I was granted the honor to serve, I would work at helping our homes from being devalued, safety, privacy and transparency. The HOA and its laws were meant to benefit the whole, not special interests.  Along with this quick look at my family and my life, I’d like to add that Honor, Courage and Honesty are some other words that my family, friends and colleagues would agree make me, me. Thank you for your time and consideration. God Bless.

Carolyn Payton

We have lived in Peyton Pines since September 2017.  I was a licensed Realtor and an

accountant with my own firm for more than 40 years.  At that time, I was very involved in managing large properties that were HOA oriented.  I assisted in the setting up of the HOA with the proper registrations, rules, bylaws, covenants dues and accounting.  I can say I have a good grounding in understanding and operating in the field of HOA living.

I want very much to be on the PPHOA board because I believe I have much to contribute to you, my neighbors.