HOA Board Status

To all Peyton Pines HOA members:

Over the last few months we have experienced several changes in our HOA Board membership.  We’ve also stood up committees to look into revising our bylaws and covenants as well as research all the potential options regarding the bridle easements.  To ensure everyone is aware of who is currently serving on your Board and leading the committees, following is a summary of recent events:

  • June 24th:  Samantha Munoz, Sharon Friedman, and Jerry Charles, as the existing Board members, hold the annual membership meeting.  Debbie DeBaun and Brooks Myers are elected to fill the two vacant Board positions.
  • June 29th:  Samantha Munoz, Sharon Friedman, and Jerry Charles resign from the Board
  • September 4th:  Kim Watkins, Wayne Boote,  and Rob Cavanaugh are elected to the Board via a mail-based election
  • September 9th:  Because Wayne Boote never responded to correspondence from the Board and did not attend any membership or Board meetings, Carolyn Payton, who received the next greatest number of votes in the mail-based election, is appointed by the Board to serve on the Board.  However, because Wayne has never formally resigned he remains an official member of the Board.
  • October 25th:  Robert Cavanaugh resigns from the HOA Board
  • October 29th:  Joe Kistle agrees to lead the bridle easement committee
  • November 3rd:  Debbie DeBaun agrees to lead the bylaws/covenant review committee

To summarize, your current Board members are:  Brooks Myers, President; Debbie DeBaun, Treasurer; Kim Watkins, Secretary; Carolyn Payton, Board member; Wayne Boote, Board member.

The Board is currently developing specific operating procedures to ensure everything we do is compliant with all regulations and laws.  Once we have developed those procedures we will determine if we need to elect another member to the Board due to Wayne Boote’s “inactive” status.

Hopefully this clears up any confusion regarding the current make-up of your HOA Board and how the members were selected.  If you have any questions regarding your Board’s membership  please e-mail the Board at board@peytonpines.org.

Thank you.

Brooks Myers
President, PPHOA