MEETING ANNOUNCEMENT August 20, 2019 Peyton Pines Elementary School Cafeteria 6:30 pm

On August 20, 2019, the homeowners association will hold a meeting to hear facts and opinions regarding the covenants as they relate to bridle paths.  This is an informational meeting only.  No change to the covenants will be addressed at this meeting.  Prior to any changes to any covenant, two-thirds of the lot owners must approve the change.

Presenting information and discussing this issue and answering questions will be representatives from the law firm of Orten, Cavanaugh and Holmes, LLC.

This issue has been on the forefront for consideration for some time, and hopefully, all interested parties can get the information they need and desire to make an informed, non-emotional decision once this issue reaches the lot owners for a vote.

We ask that everyone come with an open mind and be respectful of all who attend.

Thank you.

The Board.