Peyton Pines HOA Annual Membership and Board Meeting

The Peyton Pines HOA Annual Membership and Board meeting will be held Tuesday, June 11th, at 6:30pm at the Peyton Cowboy Church, 15504 Bradshaw Rd.  We will address several old and new topics and elect members to the HOA Board.  All Peyton Pines residents are strongly encouraged to attend to ensure your voices are heard.

In addition to the election of officers, we will discuss the following topics:

  • Summary of Board actions over the last year
  • Increasing the HOA dues and making them mandatory
  • Information received for the law firm representing the HOA
  • Information gathered on the bridle easement issue and options

Finally, we need to fill three positions on the HOA Board.  Brooks Myers and Debbie DeBaun were elected to 3-year terms at last year’s membership meeting.  Because Kim Watkins, Carol Payton and Wayne Boote were elected via a special election their terms are up at this year’s membership meeting.  We would like to encourage anyone who would like to help shape the direction the HOA takes over the next several years to send a bio to  We would especially like to encourage members from across the fillings to volunteer—three of the current Board members live within several hundred yards of each other in Filing 4.  The nominating committee will review the bios and post them to the HOA website prior to the membership meeting.  HOA members can also volunteer to run for election at the membership meeting even if they haven’t submitted a bio prior to the meeting.

We will post a detailed agenda in the coming weeks; if you have a topic you’d like to address please send an e-mail to summarizing the issue.

 Please plan to attend this very important meeting—your voice matters.