The HOA Board Needs a Secretary

Update, Jan. 18, 2017: The HOA Board has a Secretary and is no longer seeking volunteers for this position.

The HOA Board is seeking a volunteer to serve as Secretary. The Secretary will be responsible for attending HOA Board meetings and recording and publishing minutes from the meetings. The Secretary also will maintain a contact list for HOA members, manage general communications to the members, as well as other HOA duties to be determined. If you are interested in volunteering for this position, please send an email to

Anonymous Letters to the Board

The HOA Board has received several anonymous letters and find it very difficult to investigate any claims without having the ability to follow-up with the originator concerning the facts surrounding the claim. If you, as a Peyton Pines homeowner, have a concern please bring it to the attention of the Board for resolution but include a contact number so we can follow-up with you for resolution. Any letter received with no contact information included will not be considered a valid claim for investigation and resolution by the Peyton Pines HOA Board.


It has been brought to the HOA Board’s attention that there is some confusion regarding the construction of fencing around properties. The following is the section from the Covenants concerning fencing:

  1. Fencing. All fences on road frontages must be of wood or stone construction approved by the Committee. Fencing on all other boundaries must of of new construction. Wire may be woven or barb less. If barbless, a minimum of 4 strands must be used. Posts must be spaces a minimum of one rod. No electrical fences along Lot boundaries will be permitted. Fences may not obstruct bridle paths or other easements.

The confusion is surrounding the number of rails required on fences. The Covenants only state that for barbless wire fences a minimum of 4 strands must be used. The Covenants do NOT state a minimum number of rails for fences constructed of other materials. To use materials not listed in the Covenants, e.g. vinyl, PVC, or other materials, a variance must be requested and approved by the Board and Lot Owners in the same filing as the requestor.