Meeting Change

Sorry for the late notice, but because of inclement weather we had to change the date of the meeting to elect board members. The meeting date has been changed to 6/16/2020 at 6:30 at the Peyton Pines Pavillion. We hope to see everyone there.

Annual Meeting/Election of Officers

The annual meeting of the Peyton Pines HOA will be held on June 9, 2020 at 6:30 pm at the HOA picnic ground. This is at the corner of Peyton Highway and Steeplechase. Election of the new board will be held at this meeting. Nominations will be taken from the floor at the meeting. Those lot owners that have paid dues will be allowed to vote in person or by proxy. A signed proxy form must be presented at the time of the meeting. We hope to see you there.

Mandatory Dues Vote Results

Tuesday evening, March 3, 2020, the HOA Board and several volunteers (Robert Herz, Maureen Fitzgerald and Jeff Mielke) opened and counted the ballots received regarding the proposed amendment to the Peyton Pines covenants.  143 ballots were returned, but no filing had enough “yes” votes to approve the amendment.  Therefore, HOA dues will remain voluntary in all filings.  If you have any questions about the exact vote count please contact the HOA Board at

Additionally, the Board would like to thank the volunteers for their cordial assistance with the count. It was greatly appreciated.

Dues Change Ballot

The HOA Board recently mailed out the ballots for the vote regarding the annual dues.  We will open and count the returned ballots the evening of Tuesday, March 3.  We invite HOA lot owners who would like to help with or monitor the vote count to email the Board at  We’ll reply with the exact time and location of the vote count.  Due to space limitations volunteers will be limited to the first four lot owners who email the Board.

Ballot Update

As discussed during the January 14, 2020 special meeting, the PPHOA Board will soon send out a ballot regarding a proposed change to the HOA dues.  Attached to the ballot will be the actual covenant amendment drafted by the law firm of Orten, Cavanagh & Holmes.  Also attached to the ballot will be a letter clarifying what the impacts to Peyton Pines lot owners will be.  If you would like to receive a copy of this important amendment as well as the clarifying letter by email prior to the Board’s mailing of the ballot please email the Board at  The Board will reply to your email within two days.

To Inform All Peyton Pines

It has been brought to the attention of the HOA board that there is a PPHOA Oversight Group that has mailed out an announcement of the meeting to be held on 1/14/20. This group has no relationship to the Peyton Pines Homeowners Association. The mailing address of this group is P.O. Box 431, Peyton, CO 80831. It is not registered with the State of Colorado, so whoever belongs to this “oversight group” has no legal authority.

The mailing address of the Homeowners Association is P.O. Box 158, Peyton, CO 80831. Should you receive or have received a postcard from the group, please note it did not come from the Peyton Pines Homeowners Association board and no permission was given nor any information (member addresses) provided to do this mailing.

Special Meeting Called

January 14, 2020

Peyton Cowboy Church

6:30 pm

The Peyton HOA Board will soon send out a ballot for all HOA members to vote on increasing HOA dues to $75 per year and changing dues from voluntary to mandatory.  The purpose of this special meeting is to explain to members of the HOA why the Board believes this change is necessary, the pros and cons of approving or disapproving the change, and a schedule for mailing out the ballot and implementing the change, if approved.  

Please attend this very important meeting.

September 10th Meeting Cancelled


President’s Report


  • On August 20th the Board held a special meeting to discuss the bridle easement issue.  We summarized the results of the research we had conducted over the past 9 months and discussed the options the HOA has.  The bottom line is that due to El Paso county regulations it would be practically impossible to remove the bridle easements.  It was agreed that the HOA needs to determine if most lot owners would rather maintain their easements themselves or increase dues and make them mandatory so that the HOA could afford to maintain all the easements.  The Board has drafted a proposed change to the bylaws and had a legal firm review the proposed change.  We are currently reviewing the lawyers’ response.
  • The lot owners on Ranch Hand that were in violation of several covenants have cleaned up their lot and removed the junk vehicles from their lot.  The Board sent a thank-you letter to them.
  • The Board sent a letter to the lot owner on Bradshaw regarding the farm equipment stored on his lot and gave him a deadline for removing the equipment that he must meet in order to avoid legal action.
  • We answered several requests for information from potential buyers and realtors regarding lots and covenants
  • We ended the retainer agreement we had with the legal firm (Orten, Cavangh, and Holmes).  The retainer arrangement initially appeared to be a cost-effective way for the HOA to obtain legal advice, but the discount we were given didn’t offset the monthly retainer fee.  We will continue to use the firm for obtaining advice on issues such as the bridle easement, but without the retainer agreement.
  • The Board met with the Peyton Fire Department to discuss the Fire Department’s interest in building a fire station on the HOA’s lot.  We are awaiting further information from the fire department.

Concerns: Kim Watkins resigned from the Board, leaving only three current Board members

Near-term focus:

  • Finalize way-ahead regarding vote on mandatory/increased dues
  • Hold additional discussions with the Fire Department regarding possible new fire station

Treasurer’s Report: Paid members can get a copy of the financial statements by emailing