February 23, 2018 Peyton Pines Homeowners Association Board Meeting Minutes

1. Meeting called to order at 6:00 pm by President Samantha Munoz

2. Location: Cowboy Church of Peyton 15504 Bradshaw Road Peyton, Colorado 80831

3. Roll Call of Board Members:
President: Samantha Munoz (234)
Vice President: Sharon Friedman (185)
Treasurer: Jerry Charles (231)
Secretary: absent due to employer obligation

Guests: Kistle (216), (217), (276), Bradford (219), Lafrenierre (105), White (37), Fitzgerald (68), Liddle (239), Herz (237), Parillo (161), Whitakre (211), Douglas (256), Nastro (223), Eisenbrown (204/205), Meara (32), Cabyzzel (170), , Tichenor (1), Seiler (129/130), Quarles (26), Douglas (256).

4. Review of Minutes from last meeting dated 3 November 2017

Corrections to previous minutes:
Expenditure for amended tax returns for 2015/2016 were 75.00 for each year, not 75.00 total. New HOA Insurance policy created and annual savings of about 30% over the previous policy through State Farm. Due to the State of Colorado Department of insurance imposing fines on State Farm, we received two separate refunds.

No further corrections were brought forth.

President Munoz presented a motion to accept the minutes with the corrections noted above. Vice President Friedman seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously with no dissenting votes.

5. Environmental Committee Report:

Vice President Friedman discussed the multiple projects reviewed by the committee.
Upcoming reviews of two house plans and one shop.

The committee addressed the following issues:
Request for temporary residence in RV (denied).
Complaint about temporary residence, research being done, to include a letter written to homeowner.

6. Old Business
President Munoz reminded the group of the need for a volunteer to fill the fifth Board position, which is currently vacant. Names should be submitted to the Board thru the HOA PO Box or email. Nominees need to be eligible and entitled to vote, with current dues paid.

President Munoz described that the mail voting, as discussed in previous HOA Meeting, will not be moving forward due to the board not being fully staffed with five volunteers, and seeing the cost of the steps needed for mail voting, to be fiscally irresponsible, with this years Annual Members meeting coming up in June 2018. She also reviewed the completion of the amended tax returns for 2015 and 2016, and the new HOA insurance policy.

$12,500 was transferred from the HOA checking account into the HOA savings account. This transfer protects the funds from cyber attack and allows the money to gain some interest. Investment opportunities will be reevaluated at the next Annual meeting.

7. New Business

President Munoz thanked the members who have paid their annual dues, and summarized the Annual Report. She summarized the comments and suggestions thus far, from the survey included in the Annual Report. She noted that as the dues and surveys continue to come in, that a final summary of the comments and suggestions will be posted to the HOA website. President Munoz also noted that the Board responsibilities include considering the needs of our community with full consideration of the governing documents.

President Munoz stated that the preparation of the 2017 tax filing is underway and briefly described the legal research that has begun. This research is as a direct result of the numerous questions about covenants and bylaws the board has received within our community. Included in the research, are questions regarding bridal paths. At the point when this research is completed, the Board may invite the attorney to an HOA meeting to go over findings and assist with answering questions.

Following open discussion and having no further business to discuss, the meeting was adjourned at 7:30pm.