January 24, 2017 Special Meeting Minutes


Peyton Pines HOA
PO BOX 158
PEYTON, CO  80831

1/24/2017 7:00pm   Meeting called to order by Mr. Terry Collins

Present: Terry Collins, Dave Clary, Samantha Munoz, Tommy Munoz


Need to establish trust within the PP Community.

​Show timeline of what has transpired with investments since 2013.

​(Sue Clary to assist Kent Gregg with correlating all the facts, as needed).

​Present history of Bank Accounts and Edward Jones Account after CPA has overviewed them.

Communicate with PP Community thru Next Door, PPHOA Website, and quarterly mailings ​(understanding that not all members access Next Door and or the PPHOA Website).

Future discussions of what lowers property values in order of severity to guide board priorities.

Present question to PP Community as to what they’re most concerned with regarding neighborhood.

Begin to re-establish covenants that work to guide and protect the PP Community for the best of all.

​Present new covenants to Attorney for review and comparison to current State requirements and enforceability in light of possible inconsistent board application over time.

Need to vote on suggestion of Environmental Officer for PP Community at June 2017 meeting (applicants remain under review).

Requested assistance for PPHOA from Webmaster (Becky Milot-Bradford)

  • ​Remove the $40 fee requirement for those members wanting electronic copies of statements.
  • ​Add hyperlink or widget for NextDoor onto website.
  • ​Add a suggestion box link on website front page where members can click to add their concerns and/or what they would like to see in updated covenants.
  • ​Add note on website that those who wish to be able to vote at annual meeting June 2017, that ​their dues paid up to date in order to do so.
  • ​Add a Pet Link for those that need to contact county for loose dog issues (www.hsppr.org)

Set up option to allow for Proxy Voting, to those not able to attend meeting(s).

Work at establishing a positive reputation for PPHOA.

Suspend annual membership fee of $30.00 until June 2017 meeting.

Comments on PPHOA Website and/or mailing address for PPHOA must not be anonymous.

Appointment set for acting board members (David Clary) to be added as signatory onto bank account and providing read-only online account access to Samantha Munoz.

Meeting adjourned at 9:00pm.

Samantha Munoz, acting secretary

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