June 13, 2017 Peyton Pines Homeowners Association Annual Meeting Minutes


  1. Meeting called to order at 6:05 pm by Dave Clary, at Cowboy Church of Peyton. Samantha Munoz, Acting Secretary arrived at 6:25pm.
  2. Roll Call:
    Officers present:
    President: Vacant position
    Vice-President: Dave Clary, acting
    Secretary: Samantha Munoz, acting
    Treasurer: Vacant position
    Environmental Chair: Vacant position

Guests: Bertram (lot 27), Meara (lot 32), White Jr (lot 37), Oltman (lot 46), Fitzgerald (lot 68), Smoot (lot 85), Hoffman (lot 97), LaFrenierre (lot 106), Campbell (lots 113 & 114), Clary (lot 139), Thorpe (lot 141), Zeiss (lot 143), Parillo (lot 161), Jacobs (lot 168), Giacalone (lot 171), Schluessler (lot 178), Friedman (lot 185), Brandon (lots 193 & 194 & 195), Whitaker (lot 211), Bradford (lot 219), Debaun (lot 228), Charles (lot 231), Munoz (lot 234), Ducy (lot 236), Herz (lot 237), Liddle (lot 249), Myers (lot 240 & 241), Joslyn (lot 249), Bauknight Jr (lot 250), Benn (lot 251), Kistle (lot 217). If others were present, names can be added as a correction to minutes.

  1. Acceptance of minutes – None at this time
  2. Officers Reports
    President – (empty position at this time)
    Vice President – Nothing at this time.
    Secretary – Nothing at this time.
    Treasurer – (empty position at this time)
    Environmental Chair – (empty position at this time)
  1. Architectural Review –
    1. Lot [#171] – David Giacalone inquired about the building plans he had submitted. He was informed that since there was not a permanent Board in place, his plans could not be reviewed at this time, and therefore he was free to begin building as long as he conformed to all of the requirements (setbacks, etc.) in the covenants.
  1. Old Business
    1. It was discussed the DORA documents are not up to date.
    2. Members requested that Jerry Charles review the line item financials of the HOA for the past 2 years. Jerry Charles agreed to do this and the Financial Committee agreed to provide Jerry with the documents.
    3. Members requested that the line item financials of the HOA for the past 2 years be posted to the peytonpines.orgweb site when the review had been completed. The Financial Committee agreed to post the minutes.
  2. New Business
    1. One nomination from the floor was provided. Robert Herz nominated Jerry Charles. Multiple members seconded motion. Jerry Charles accepted the nomination. No other nominations from the floor.
    2. Introduction of Director candidates from the online nomination process – Samantha Munoz, Christina White, Sharon Friedman, Jason Darbyshire, Dave Clary. Dave Clary and Jason Darbyshire each withdrew their candidacy for personal reasons. Samantha Munoz, Christina White, Sharon Friedman, and Jerry Charles each explained their qualifications, and made a statement to the community as to why they wished to serve on the PPHOA Board.
    3. There was a question as to whether a quorum was present. After discussion, it was decided that a quorum needed to consist of 10% of all members regardless of whether they had paid their dues, and that a quorum was not present, so therefore the annual election of Directors could not take place. The Financial Committee agreed to post thecomplete financial report.
    4. There was discussion about how to proceed since the temporary Board members’ (Dave Clary and Samantha Munoz) terms expired as of this meeting, which would leave no remaining Board members once the meeting adjourned. Dave Clary and Samantha Munoz were asked to remain in current position until mail ballot voting has been completed and a new duly elected. The members in attendance elected via a show of hands all of the remaining candidates (Samantha Munoz, Christina White, Sharon Friedman, Jerry Charles) to temporary terms as Directors until a mail-in election for Directors could be conducted. There were no dissenting votes. The outgoing Directors (Dave Clary and Samantha Munoz) concurred with the decision.
    5. Discussion of how to conduct the mail-in election ensued.
    6. The members present voted by a show of hands to authorize the temporary Directors to utilize HOA funds to purchase postage and other supplies necessary to conduct a mail-in election. There were no dissenting votes.
    7. Discussion of the need for a 5th temporary Director in order to have a complete Board.
    8. Christina White nominated Maureen Fitzgerald for the 5th temporary Director position. Motion was seconded.
    9. The members voted by a show of hands to elect Maureen Fitzgerald to the 5th temporary Director position. There were no dissenting votes.
    10. The webmaster asked for instructions regarding setting up the Board email addresses to forward to the temporary Directors. She was directed to have each Officer email address forward to a different Director, selection to be arbitrary until the temporary Board could select Officers.
    11. Discussion of how to keep the HOA running ensued.
    12. The members present voted by a show of hands to authorize the temporary Board to utilize HOA funds to pay outstanding HOA bills and other necessary business expenses  until the mail-in election could be completed and new Directors take office. There were no dissenting votes.
  3. Adjournment – Meeting adjourned at 8:35pm.