June 14, 2022 Annual Meeting Minutes

The meeting was called to order by President Sharon Friedman at 6:41 pm.  After determining there was the appropriate number of members present a quorum was declared.

Sharon Friedman and Debbie DeBaun gave reasons to get new board members and help with the duties.  Ballots for the election of board members were given to the member who had paid their dues.  There was some discussion about waiting until the end of the meeting to have the election of board members; however, it was determined that the appropriate time for the election was at the beginning of the meeting so that the elected board members could conduct the meeting.  Sharon Friedman and Debbie DeBaun were elected to the board. No other members were nominated.


Sharon Friedman noted that she and Debbie DeBaun were appointed to the board by the previous president in order to provide continuity.  There were issues that had to be resolved due to inactivity of the previous board:  

  • The post office box had been closed due to non-payment.  
  • The website had been taken down as well.  
  • The mineral rights had been sold at auction for nonpayment of taxes.

Payment was made for all items.  The post office and website were reinstated, and the mineral rights were secured.  Sharon disclosed that the temporary board had been approving plans that had been submitted.


Debbie DeBaun reported the balance in the checking account as well as the current profit and loss for the HOA.  More funds are needed to support the actions of the HOA to pay ongoing expenses, including monthly insurance premiums that cover the lot owned by the HOA and the protection of the board.  Some members expressed concern about the viability of the HOA based on the funding challenges.  There was discussion about the mineral rights.  Some had asked if the mineral rights could be sold.  Debbie DeBaun said she would speak to someone at the county, but stated she believed this would require consult with an attorney.  Selling the picnic area lot was also discussed.  This would require consult with an attorney, and would also require a vote of the members.

The floor was opened for discussion.  There was significant discussion about covenant enforcement.  Many attendees were concerned about overreaching by the board.  It was explained that the board only reacted to complaints; however, Debbie DeBaun explained that the covenants were there regardless of whether or not the HOA is able to enforce them.  The covenants go with the land and can be enforced individually by lot owners.  It was commented that the covenants are there to protect property values.  It was also noted that a previous board had resolved the issue of bridle paths.  The county stated that the bridle paths could not be dissolved or removed.  They were established at the establishment of the subdivision as part of the concession between the developer and the County.

Another suggestion was to enable collecting dues via computer rather than by check and surface mail. A former board member stated that she had explored this with ENT and there is a way to do it.  Sharon and Debbie said that they would explore it with ENT.


Sharon brought up the fact that the Peyton Pines signs were down.  The consensus was that the signs needed to be repaired.  The Board will look into getting the signs repaired and put back in the previous locations, or new locations if the owners of the adjacent property are unwilling.


There was some discussion about potential ways to get money into the coffers of the HOA.  There were no motions made for suggestions to implement.  

There being no other items for discussion, the motion was made and seconded to adjourn the meeting at 8:00.  The motion carried and the meeting was adjourned.