May 23, 2018 HOA Board Meeting Minutes

Board meeting 23 May 2018

Called to order at 7:08pm


Jerry Charles, Treasurer

Jason Darbyshire, Secretary

Samantha Munoz, President

Sharon Friedman, (absent)

Review and amend Annual Meeting Announcement and Agenda for 6-12-18

Corrections and Amendments read as follows:

JUNE 3 2018 is the Last day for online nomination forms to be submitted.

Rebecca Hussey is the first Board Nomination/Volunteer.

Jason Darbyshire is the second Board Nomination/Volunteer.

Correction that Danielle Cabuzzi was filling a temporary position towards the needs of environmental committee, and that is not a position she will fill past the Annual meeting date of 6-12-2018.

President Munoz made the motion to accept these changes and amendments.

Secretary Darbyshire Seconded the motion.

With not dissenting votes, Treasurer Charles motioned to move and accept these changes and amendments.

Meeting adjourned at 759pm.