2018 Peyton Pines HOA Board Candidates

Brooks Myers

Bio: I am a retired USAF officer, having served 22 years, primarily in space operations. I have two kids; my son is in the Navy and my daughter is just finishing her junior year at Peyton High School. I first came to the Colorado Springs area when I was stationed here in 1983. I have 35+ years of experience in program management, planning, operations, managing project budgets and schedules. Since retiring from the Air Force in 2004 I have worked as a defense contractor supporting Air Force Space Command.

Message to Homeowners: I have lived in Peyton Pines since April of 1987, except for six years (1996-2002) that I was stationed in California. I am therefore familiar with many of the issues and history behind the changes Peyton Pines has experienced over the last 31 years. I believe the primary intent of most of the covenants is to protect the Peyton Pines homeowners’ property values. I also believe that not all the covenants serve the best interests of the majority of Peyton Pines’ homeowners, and many of the covenants should be reviewed for possible modification.

I have led teams ranging in size from 6 to 100 people in accomplishing day-to-day operations of satellite systems as well as managing a 5-year, $50 million contract. My many years of project management, including significant experience in short- and long-term planning, as well as overseeing multi-million dollar budgets, would serve the board and the Peyton Pines HOA well.

Jason Darbyshire

Bio: I have lived in El Paso County for the majority of my life. I moved to Peyton Pines in November of 2016. My background includes commercial construction bidding and planning and serving in various capacities of law enforcement. I have previously been the local Secretary of one of the nation’s largest police labor organizations (2016-2017), and currently serve as a precinct leader for this area for local and State elections.

Message to Homeowners: I have served as the interim Secretary for the Home Owners Association since June of 2017. During my tenure as a member of the board, numerous improvement projects in the community have been reviewed and approved. I have served as a member of the Environmental Committee and stopped the development of mobile homes, modular, homes and various ‘alternative’ living structures within our community.

My overall job is to serve the needs of the community which is accomplished by conducting the business of the HOA based on what the majority of the members decide and I will never go against that whether it is in line with my personal opinions or not. Living in a previous community with over-reaching HOA covenants and by-laws my mission is simple: I am for the least amount of intrusion and enforcement that can lead to the maximum return on investment for our properties. I do not want you or I to live next to dwellings that would cause our beautiful community to go downhill and property values to plummet.

Debbie DeBaun

Bio: I have owned my own business consulting company providing services (accounting, payroll, medical billing, human resources, etc.) for small businesses and medical practices for over 30 years. I have also been controller of multi-million dollar high-tech company. Additionally, I have a Masters in Business. Also, I have been the President of the Peyton Pines Filing 4 Water Association for over 16 years. All of this gives me a set of skills that I believe would be very useful in representing the homeowners in Peyton Pines serving on the homeowners’ association board.

Message to Homeowners: I believe that the HOA exists to protect our property values and to keep Peyton Pines a wonderful place to live. This would be my focus. I also believe in total transparency which I believe is the only way the homeowners can believe that the actions of the Board are in the true interest of the residents. In doing this I hope we can encourage more membership to support the goals of maintaining Peyton Pines as a desirable place to live.

Carolyn Payton

Bio: We have lived in Peyton Pines since September 2017. I was a licensed Realtor and an accountant with my own firm for more than 40 years. At that time, I was very involved in managing large properties that were HOA oriented. I assisted in the setting up of the HOA with the proper registrations, rules, bylaws, covenants dues and accounting. I can say I have a good grounding in understanding and operating in the field of HOA living.

Message to Homeowners: I want very much to be on the PPHOA board because I believe I have much to contribute to you, my neighbors.