Agenda for Feb. 23, 2018 HOA Board Meeting

Date:  23 February 2018
Time: 6-7:30pm
Place: Cowboy Church of Peyton


1.  Meeting called to order:

2.  Roll Call:

3.   List of Guests:

4.  Review of minutes from last meeting, dated: 11-3-2017

President announcement:  The board will complete the agenda items set for today, then attendance of all guests will be taken, and the floor will be opened for general discussion.  The time remaining at completion of Board agenda will be divided by the number of members who have questions, until the end of meeting time.

5.  Environmental Committee Report:

6.  Old business:

i.  There remains a need of a volunteer, to fill the fifth Board Position.

ii.  The Board continues to gather names and a bio for applicants to consider for the current fifth board position.

Submit to the board at: PPHOA, PO Box 158, Peyton, CO 80831, or email:

Applicants need to be eligible and entitled to vote, with current annual dues paid.

iii.  Mail voting status.

iv.  HOA Amended Tax returns 2015 and 2016.

v.  New HOA insurance policy dated 10-1-2017.

vi.  Money transferred to PPHOA savings.  The balance now in this account can be re-evaluated by the board, at or following the annual members meeting in June 2018.

7.  New Business:

i. Summary Review of Annual report Details.

ii. Thank you to all who have returned Annual Dues, preferred email or mail address, and surveys sent with 2017 Annual Report.

iii. Review of Suggestions presented in survey.

iv. Board responsibilities include considering the needs of our community with full consideration to Our Governing Documents.

v. Preparation of 2017 Tax Filing is underway.

vi.  Bridal Paths research has begun

8.   Open discussion. Questions not addressed during agenda or open discussion can be emailed to the board for research and response thru email or the next board meeting.