BIOS for Proposed Board Members

The nominating committee received only the names of two members volunteering to be elected to the board at the June 11th meeting; therefore, these two are officially nominated to run for the vacant positions. Nominations may be made from the floor at the annual meeting; however, only these two names will be on the printed ballots. For your information, their bios are included below. We hope to see all members at the meeting on June 11th.

Kim Watkins:

I have lived in Peyton Pines for over 20 years and served as Treasurer for the Water Board.  I have been an active part of the community thru school, sporting and church service and believe I can continue to add value through service to the board and our community. 

For the last year I have served on the PPHOA Board as secretary and environmental officer. I believe that my time serving on the PPHOA board proves my dedication to the community and my support to this board by seeing that the needs and requirements of the HOA are addressed.


Jim and I moved to Peyton Pines in September 2017. I had spent 40 years as a realtor.  My specialty was property management of single family homes and 3 large HOA properties. A part of my duties included a seat on the different boards as a non-voting member. This enabled me to offer the best assistance to the homeowners before by avoiding problems with the bylaws and or covenants. It was a challenging and rewarding time for all.

 In June 2018 I was elected to the board, in an emergency, to serve for one year. I enjoy working with others for a common goal. I am asking you to vote for me to represent you  —–PAYTON for PEYTON PINES HOA.