Peyton Pines HOA Update

Due to Board Members’ moves, resignation and ill health, there had been a hiatus in Board activities. Based on a Board Meeting of Feb 13 2022, we have two new Board Members, Sharon Friedman and Debbie DeBaun. Sharon Friedman was elected President, Kate Buffetti Vice- President and Debbie DeBaun Secretary Treasurer. The website has come back online, many thanks to Becky Milot-Bradford. 

As always, we are looking for more members for the Board. So please consider volunteering. Also we need some members for the Environment Committee. Their responsibility is to review plans for consistency with the covenants. The work is intermittent. Some experience in construction or real estate would be helpful, but not necessary. Again, volunteers greatly appreciated! If you have questions about the responsibilities of either, please contact us.

If Covid conditions don’t change, we plan to have the usual June Membership Meeting in person. At that time, there will be a vote on Board Members.

Due to the issues mentioned above, the notices for paying dues were not sent out last year. The dues year is June to June and the amount is $30 per year.  These dues are voluntary, of course. However, if you did not pay last year (June 2021 to 2022) and would like to combine next year’s (June 2022 to 2023)  you can write one check for both and send it to PPHOA Box 158 Peyton, Colorado 80831.  Otherwise if you want to skip last year, just pay in June for next year.

Meeting minutes for the Board meetings are posted on the website. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at