PPHOA Committee Mtg Summary, 8 Nov 18

Bylaws/Covenants and Bridle Easement Review Committees

To all Peyton Pines HOA members:

On Wednesday, November 7th, nine HOA members got together to discuss the way ahead for the bylaws/covenants and bridle easement review committees.  Those members were: Ryan Bertram, Becky Milot-Bradford, John Parillo, Debbie DeBaun, Jim Payton, Carol Payton, Kim Watkins, and Brooks Myers.

Since the bridle easement question has been the most contentious issue for quite a while we started with that.  The HOA Board members present emphasized to everyone that the Board is a neutral party on this issue; the Board is neither for nor against keeping the bridle easements as they are or doing away with them. Everyone at the meeting agreed that the primary purposes of the committee at this point are to gather information and determine what all the potential options are.  To accomplish this the committee plans to reach out to various sources of information, such as other HOAs that have bridle easements or trails, for advice on how to proceed and to gather data. The committee will seek out answers to questions such as “what does ‘maintain the easements’ really mean?” or “would posting signs that say ‘ride at your own risk’ help lessen the HOA’s and lot owners’ liability?”  The committee will also document what it would actually cost to obtain insurance for the HOA as well as other costs.

The group then discussed several of the issues facing the bylaw/covenants committee.  Everyone agreed that the first priority should be to develop clear, concise procedures regarding how the HOA Board will conduct its business.  This will help ensure that all decisions and actions the Board takes will be fair, transparent, and defensible. Once these procedures are in place the committee will focus on reviewing and recommending revisions to the bylaws to ensure they align well with the HOA’s articles of incorporation and that all terms are clear and well-defined.  Then the committee will work on aligning the bylaws and covenants and recommending revisions to the covenants as required.

Because this was a committee meeting no Board decisions were made.  If you have any questions about the committees or would like to suggest issues you believe one of the committees ought to look into please e-mail the HOA Board at board@peytonpines.org.

Thank you.

Brooks Myers
President, PPHOA